Summer sched.png

Our summer schedule begins June 7, with all classes and events outdoors at Wheeler Field (West 34th and Grand Ave) except the Friday Zoom and makeup class which will be held at our studio.   

Summer Schedule of Events:

Closed for regular classes May 31- June 3. Summer classes begin June 7.

Performance Skills workshop: June 2 at 6:00 at Wheeler Field. Learn exciting performance skills for demo team, better competition skill, and Xtreme Martial Arts. Open to all students. Please pre- register.


Studio fix-up day: June 3 at 5:30. Adult students and parents who want to help. Thanks in advance!


Rank Testing: Thursday June 24. All White, orange and yellow belts at 5:30. All high ranks at 6:15.

New summer students should attend either the 5:00 (younger kids) or 7:00 classes (older kids/adults).

Annual Leadership Retreat (ages 12 and up, Blue Belt and up): July 31 in Duluth. See flyer and registration form for details.

Tournament skills workshop and in-school tournament. Picnic to follow! August 14 TBA. 


End of summer belt testing: August 31