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Our Programs

We offer three programs to fit the goals of our students, and to ensure they are always challenged and learning something new.  

             Basic Program


New students typically start their martial arts journey in our Basic Program.  It includes traditional Taekwondo technique and forms, self-defense and sparring application, and fitness training.  Along with the physical training, students will learn our Life Skills curriculum which teaches themes such as Focus, Confidence, and Self-Discipline.  We rotate a new theme monthly and we use Star Sheets to reward kids for applying their Life Skills at home, at school, and in the community.


We offer classes for three age groups and all level of student through 5th Degree Black Belt.

Little Dragons:  Ages 4-6

Juniors:  Ages 7-13

Teens/Adults:  13 and up

             Leadership Program

Our most popular program is the Leadership Program, which takes students beyond the basics and provides a wider variety of skills to learn.  As the title suggests, students in this program learn more Leadership skills and life application.  


Also, students have opportunities to learn martial arts weapons, demo team and Xtreme performance skills, and other forms of martial arts and self-defense.  Leadership students have access to special seminars and training camps.


Students can join the Leadership Program at any belt color;  see your instructor for more information.

            NXT Program


We believe that a person learns and understands martial arts more thoroughly when they help teach others.  In the NXT Instructor program, students learn and apply Instructor Leadership skills such as communication, motivation, classroom management, rapport building, and more!  


Students start at a "classroom assistant" level and have the opportunity to become a certified instructor.


The NXT program is open to students yellow belt and higher, ages 10 and up, by invitation.

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